5 reasons you need our Skim Milk & Whole Milk Powder


Here are the reasons you'll want to try this powder for your business:

Pasture Fed Cows

Freshly produced Skim Milk and Whole Milk powder sourced from pasture fed NZ and Aussie cows

Rich in Flavour

Whole Milk Powder provides improved texture, flavor enhancement, and cost savings compared to using fresh milk.

Available for business and home

We deliver to anywhere in Victoria, residential addresses included!

Free Delivery >$300

Free delivery on orders over $300, with no minimum order quantity

Unbeatable Price

If you find a cheaper Australian Whole Milk Powder or Skim Milk Powder online we'll match it. We're serious - we've looked!

Skim Milk Powder Medium Heat 25KG is a versatile dairy product perfect for cooking, baking, and food processing applications. Skim Milk Powder Medium Heat 25KG is made from 100% pure skimmed milk, made using medium heat to retain essential nutrients and flavour. Skim Milk Powder Medium Heat 25KG is perfect for a range of savoury and sweet dishes, this Skim Milk Powder Medium Heat 25KG bag provides an economical and convenient solution for your kitchen.

AUD $168 Delivered (per box)

Our Customers Have Said

Reviews on this product


We've switched our recipe to this Whole Milk Powder because of its flavour profile. It's amazing!

— Jan, Warrnambool Icecream


We love supporting local business. This is by far the best the best SMP - and delivered on time.

— Jeff, Pancakes Empire


We use it in our 3 bakeries and it works beautifully. Great team too. Cheers

— Bronwyn, Alleigio


Thankyou Ausfine Team for helping us with continuous supply of our Whole Milk Powder, wouldn't go anywhere else.

— Tim, Nutritio

Kalla Whole Milk Powder NZ 25KG provides a high-quality, full-cream dairy powder with 25 kg of product per package. Whole Milk Powder NZ 25KG has a rich milk taste and contains essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle. Whole Milk Powder NZ 25KG is great for use in a variety of food and beverage applications.

AUD $186 Delivered (per box)

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Where are you based?

Our warehouse is located in Tottenham, Victoria. Our team is based in Mount Waverley, Victoria.

Where do you ship?

We ship products in Ambient, chilled or frozen trucks, Victoria wide.

What are the timeframes for shipping?

Our products are picked up by our distribution partners every day and can be delivered within 72 hours from placing your order.

Do you have consistent supply?

Yes we supply this Whole Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder and all products stocked on our shop year round.

We deliver in 3 business days. Get your orders in today for a next week delivery slot. We're online if you have questions!