Giving back through our Auskind program

Our Auskind Program has enabled us to support many different community initiatives including, the Cancer Council, Movember, National Disaster Relief, Vinnies Kitchens, Red Cross Lifeblood and local sport and community groups.

Ausfine Foods is committed to giving back to our local community and are proud to continue providing support through our Auskind program.

Aussie Owned and Operated

Being Australian-owned is a badge of honor that sets Ausfine apart. It means we're not just a part of the local economy; we're deeply rooted in it. When you choose Ausfine, you're not just choosing quality dairy products; you're supporting Australian business and Australian jobs. Our commitment to being Australian-owned is a commitment to our community, our economy, and our future. Join us in supporting local and experience the difference of Ausfine.